Jonas Samuel Baumann
Basel, Switzerland



© Jonas Baumann 2010

Walk The Talk

With Daniel Karrer (CH), Sebastian Utzni (CH/DE), Fritz Bornstück (DE), Fee Kleiss (DE), Project Space P100, Berlin ––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––

‘Walk the Talk’ means something akin to ‘be what you say’. Physical objects are linked to intellectual material; terms are considered and actions are carried out too. The works shown reveal more than just themselves: they contain viewpoints and findings, or their visible contemporaneousness is lent a kind of real presence. Means of production and subjects are closely linked, they complement and extent each other. In painting, for example, what has emerged is further developed in digital or 3D media, and vice versa. Worlds emerge between 2D, 3D and pseudo 3D into which the viewer can dive and participate. Narrative and sometimes surreal moments come about. The process is at once the path and the goal. We read ‘Walk the Talk’ as a mantra that is a key to the implementation of ideas. From this perspective thinking about art and art discourse enables us to learn and be inspired in our own actions. Hermann Germann Contemporary


"Stage (climax)", inkjet print, A0, 2018


"Tubes", 6min 9sec loop, 9.7", 2018